Dvd + script A Quest for Meaning

In addition to the DVD, its 28 page booklet and its bonus, take the script! Because we encourage reading :)

A soft book of 20x25, including a faithful transcription of the interviews and voice-overs to go deeper in the film's messages.

64 pages in French

Illustrated with pictures from the film + 4 double page photos


The film, its booklet, its bonus of 26 minutes about knowing oneself with philosopher Arnaud Desjardins, all in recycled paper.

Languages: french, french hard of hearing

Subtitles: english, spanish, german, portuguese, esperanto, russian, polish, czec, romanian, arabic.


113 minutes - Pal - DVD9 - Compatible in all zones - format 16/9, stereo

15,00 €
10,00 €